Chris Dickinson Photography | What others are saying

Beautiful shot!  Your photography is incredible...truly amazing!

You have some amazing pictures!!
--Ariat International

Hi Chris, we LOVE your photographs here at AQHA!

This is awesome!!
--Woolrich, Inc

Loving this shot of our NADIA (L1642-2) boots
--Old Gringo Boots

We love what BBs Apparel-n-Boots is doing with their new photography and marketing campaign! We are obsessing over the photo you took with our jacket!
--DD Ranchwear

This is just badass, I will assume you already know this-but your work is amazing!
--Western Grace Apparel (Elegant • Timeless • American-Made Clothing)

Such amazing talent! Looking forward to connecting more
--Independent She (Luxury Biz Consulting & Design Firm)

Absolutely stunning shot
--Steel Cowgirl (Cowgirl Motorcycle Apparel)

Chris, authentic is probably the best word I would use if someone asked me for a one word description of you. I am glad I met you and have gotten to know you a little bit. You are a photographer that raises the bar in this "easy to become jaded" industry, not only for your skills behind the camera but for the character you display. Thanks for being you.

A huge thanks going out to the hardest working man in the business! To get the perfect shot Chris was on the ground a lot and despite Mom's warning, he got cow crap all over his back! The best line of the night was "I can feel the wetness!" Lol the lengths that guy will go to in order to capture the perfect picture! In all seriousness, Chris said some of the shots he got tonight looked like a picture a little girl would have hanging in her room. What he didn't know was I used to be that little girl who cut pictures of horses out of calendars and magazines and hung them on my wall. Thank you Chris for making this little cowgirl's dream come true today. I couldn't have dreamed this would have turned out any better.
--Renae (Frm. Ms Rodeo Ut)

@cdphotog is the Instagram account of photographer, or (how he likes to call himself) Professionally Trained Observer, Chris Dickinson. Chris posts stunning Western Retreat themed photos of majestic mares, lasso throwing, beautiful scenery, and the like. With around 10,300 Instagram followers and each post accumulating on average 1,000 likes, we decided that it was more than appropriate to showcase Chris' profile.  Other than following a consistent theme and posting frequently, Chris establishes himself as not only an expert in his field but also amongst the business and social media industry. He does this by giving his followers photography, general business, and social media advice in the captions of his posts.  By promoting yourself as a prominent leader of your industry, you are telling your followers that you are a valuable source of information and worth following. Fans and interested clients will be drawn to your expertise and leadership and will ask your opinion on related topics. Differentiating yourself, such as Chris, as an individual more knowledgeable or better qualified than another is a great way of grabbing the attention of an audience and increasing your following within a short amount of time.
--Social Media College

My favorite place growing up was our barn! The mixed sweet and pungent smells, the light and shadows playing of the many surfaces and soft breathy sounds from the animals. Loove this photo for the memories it brings back to me!

You are my idol! Best photographer I've found that can capture the moment , make you feel with every picture , I'm just not beginning my journey into photography and I hope one day I can be like you, your inspiring !!

Your photos are truly captivating!! Absolutely love them all!!

You and your work are so awesome!!

Omygosh! Absolutely breath taking

Your shots are beautiful and well executed.

Quite possibly one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen

Thru your amazing photos is the closest I get to a life I've dreamed of for fifty years! I'm a closet cowboy at heart! Thanks for the awesome photos!

That is a picture of hope for the future!!

Wow! Excellent quality to your light and production. Outstanding!!!!!
--Craig (Chief Photographer for the city of Virginia Beach)